We started on working for the Elaboration of Municipal Action Plan in Valldoreix

Civis is already starting with the work for the elaboration of Municipal Action Plan for Decentralized Municipal Entity of Valldoreix. It will be a document consisted of priority objectives of Decentralized Municipal Entity of Valldoreix government lasting for the period 2015-2019 and it will be the instrument and the route form, giving into account that the finalization of the plan is to identify the strategic objectives of the government action in each and every one of the fields which will be completed during this legislation.

Municipal Action Plan should be a strategic document, a planning instrument which defines the objectives, following relevant lines, instructions, and actions which configure the action of municipal government for this mandate.

Furthermore, we want to give an important relevance to how we will do it, which values push us through the realization of the actions concerning the design of the lines and program which need to be presented. Civis tends to give relevance to the new manner of doing things, showing a form to do things differently. Therefore, we will work with transparency and citizen participation, with proximity, austerity, enforcing the culture of effort, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge… And these values, this form of working, mark our day-to-day job, and they will be our identity sign.


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