Great participation and complete yes to the enquiry of the Bellaterra independence

Do you want to see Ballaterra as a municipality?

This was the question by which neighbors of the Decentralized Municipal Entity of Bellaterra have been invited to vote on 10th, 11th, 14th and 15th of September in order to give the decision if they want to construct a new municipality. The question that needed an answer was: “Do you want to see Ballaterra as a municipality?“

The voters had a paper with three options: yes, no and other

And the decision was unanimous: 94,09% said YES and about 53,57% was the percentage of the participation

Decentralized Municipal Entity has a forsee to present the waited segregation concerning the Cerdanyola del Valles in the Catalonia Parliament, give the force of the consult. The Bellaterra village, with about 3 million inhabitants, managed to become Decentralized Municipal Entity in 2008 after the years of recognition. Administratively depends on Cedanyola de Valles, but it has a liberty with the public spaces maintenance, inspections of urbanism, traffic regulations, the well-being of estate and culture and sports promotion. In the year of 1974 was the first attempt to convert itself into Decentralized Municipal Entity and in 1992 the Government refused the plea of converting itself into a municipality giving the reason of not so many inhabitants. Now, it is the second largest Decentralized Municipal Entity of Catalonia. Taking into the account the population, it is greater than 70% of the municipalities in Catalonia.


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