Finalization of the participatory process for the elaboration of Valldoreix Municipal Action Plan

We have already created the participatory process which was initiated in September of 2015 for the elaboration of Decentralized Municipal Entity of Valldoreix Action Plan.

The Municipal Action Plan is the document which has integrated collection of priority objectives of Decentralized Municipal Entity of Valldoreix government planned for the period of 2015-2019 as a tool and a map following the current mandate.

The Municipal Action Plan and its elaboration are the pure wills of the political wishes and reflection of the answers to the following questions:

  • What will we do in Valldoreix?
  • Why should we do it?
  • For whom will we do it?
  • With whom will we do it?
  • How will we do it?

With the Municipal Action Plan, the government body has opted for creating a new manner of doing things, showing a different form of work. In this new scenery, we will work with citizens’ transparency and participation, with proximity, austerity while creating the force of culture, creativity, innovation, learning and knowing… And these values, this form of doing things, will mark our day-to-day work. They will be our identity mark.

Decentralized Municipal Entity of Valldoreix will show and opt for consensus, dialogue, debate and for the professional implication of citizens. We want a common project where all people will feel as well represented. Therefore, internal participation process has been carried out (professionals, a government body, and opposition) as well as external (citizens), so that everyone could be included in the elaboration participation of the Municipal Action Plan as well as making sure that each strategic aspects and objectives presented are shown completely.

Present a good Municipal Action Plan is a key for defining and carrying out a great finalization of the city project. Furthermore, it is a way of creating space where the conditions of the Decentralized Municipal Entity are given as the social tools and citizens, in general, can debate about the global form concerning the municipal policy.




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