Participatory process of the civic sphere of Casal de Tiana – “Vine i tria’n els usos“ (Come and choose the customs)

We have elaborated a citizen participation process to determinate the opinions about the actual customs of Casal de Tiana and the possible alternatives.

The final stage has been the citizen’s participation following the process of generalization of ideas in favor of the space usage and at the same time creating a great influx of persons who will increase the use.

The process will be presented as the follow-up of the realized surveys by the City Council during the month of December 2015 where the citizens of Tiana were asked about the perception of Casal, while doing a research on opinion about the service quality of Casala and the usage of municipal decisions. The process will be requested as a qualitative complementation in favor of the future option improvements.

The process consisted of doing participation diagnosis post-participation workshops so the citizens could make their propositions on the future space usage.


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