More than 13% of participation in Participatory Budgets of Sant Quirze del Vallès

This year we have advised the Sant Quirze del Vallès City Council for the completing of the participatory process of Participatory Budget. This process has permitted the citizens to influence or directly decide about the assumptions given in 2017, in a total of 200.000 euros.

The Municipality budget is one of the most important instruments which are needed to terminated in Local Government each year, in order to give answers to the necessities of citizens, by economic and finance resource distributions. With this participatory process, the citizens were the once who decided for what they will use the 200.000 euros used from City Council’s inventory, for the year 2017.

From 8th of June until the 4th of July the action propositions have been collected. In total, 91 propositions, as from municipality citizens, the same from entities, firms, and businesses have been given.


Out of 91 propositions, finally, 41 of them passed to the voting phase, with 3 thematic environments: “Equipaments Cívics Educatius i Socials, Territori Urbanisme i Via Pública i Medi Ambient i Mobilitat“ (Education and Social Civic Equipment, Urbanistic Territory and Public Life, and Mobility and Ambient Medium).

The final propositions passed to the voting phase, which was held on 19th of September and finalized on 3rd of October, with more than 13% of participation.

It was a complex process for all parties included and with “Comissió de Garanties ciutadana“ (Citizen Guarantees Commission) which has given great function and transparency of the process during the whole time.



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