Presentation of the new project of Adolescents’ Council in “ l’Institut de Tiana“ (Tiana Institute)

This Thursday we are initiating the presentations from 1st and 4th ESO in “l’Institut de Tiana“ Tiana Institute of the new course concerning the Council.

Project explanations done last year, surprises for this year, members change and new elections were the principal themes which we have explained. But the best thing were the explanations of the experiences of Council members who invited the rest of their colleges to form part of this great project.

Marta Guàrdia, the council member, was also a part of it and she explained all that we have achieved with the support of Child-Friendly Cities of UNICEF! A big news for Tiana!

The next 11th of November will be the day on which we will do the elections and we will know the names of the future council members!


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