We already have the propositions of the Participatory Presuppositions in Valldoreix

In this week, the first phase of the project propositions of Participatory Presuppositions of Valldoreix has been completed. Now it is the job of Technical

Participatory Process of the Baixador Avenue

On the last Wednesday, we have presented the conclusions of the Baixador Avenue of Valldoreix and Sant Cugat process. This process has served for defining

Participatory process of the civic sphere of Casal de Tiana – “Vine i tria’n els usos“ (Come and choose the customs)

We have elaborated a citizen participation process to determinate the opinions about the actual customs of Casal de Tiana and the possible alternatives. The final

Great participation influx within the participatory process of “Retrobem-nos a Tiana“ (Finding Tiana Again)

On Saturday we are finishing with the participation process of “Retrobem-nos a“ (Finding Again) selected in the town of Tiana. “Retrobem-nos a“ (Finding Again) is