Tiana Children’s Council give a bomb opening at the Festival with a speech from children

The day of 16th of September, council members of Tiana Children’s Council have given a bomb opening at the Tiana Festival during an important day: San Cipriano. It is the first time that they have been able to give a speech at the same time as the beginning of the great festival.

The members of Children’s Council surprised us with a speech through which they made us recall and remember all the important persons of Tiana, from their point of view.

For that manner Alex and Mateu have started the speech with an explanation of them being the eyes and ears of the children and that they are ready to listen what the children of the village think. Estelle and Bruna have talked us about Isaac Albeniz, Catalan composer, and pianist. Gina y Fiona explained us the jokes of the clown and poet Joan Armengol. Iker y Pol explained us things about Lola Anglada great painter and artist. Jan y Paz dedicated their discourse to Cardus family, family in charge of the motors and food. Julio and Alex amazed us with the Parish Church of Tiana and La Cartuja. And finally, Sol and Ager closed the speech with a great description of two well-known persons of the current village life: Consol Rosales and Skate.


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